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Popular Computing Weekly

Popular Computing Weekly was a computer magazine in the UK published from the early 1980s until the early 1990s. It was sometimes referred to as PCW (although that abbreviation is more commonly associated with Personal Computer World magazine). Its subject range was general-purpose, covering gaming, business, and productivity software. During 1989 it incorporated Computer Gamesweek. It was noteworthy for being the only national weekly computer magazine of the time, and for its backpage being dominated by an advertisement in the form of a comic strip (Piman) by the firm Automata between the years 1983 and 1986. A further noteworthy feature of the early editions was the high-quality artwork on the magazine covers. These had disappeared by 1983.


texts 240

The Computer Magazine Archives

popular computing 226
program 225
computing weekly 202
software 190
spectrum 181
machine code 161
open forum 139
commodore 138
bbc 123
lor 121
thai 117
micro 82
computing 73
dragon 63
street life 56
life street 55
print 51
programs 51
tor 49
disc drive 44
game 44
star game 42
amstrad 41
ram pack 37
atari 35
games 35
disc 33
sinclair 30
computer 28
ram 25
poke 23
bbc micro 22
type arcade 22
graphics 21
special offer 21
word processing 21
popular 20
ihe program 19
micro commodore 18
weekly open 18
micro spectrum 17
data 16
news desk 16
supplier 15
computer swap 14
amstrad cpc 13
mail order 13
screen 13
goto 12
micro magic 12
software houses 12
ihe game 11
melbourne house 11
operating system 11
race predictor 11
spectrum price 11
arcade micro 10
bbc model 10
code 10
msx 10
spectrum software 10
wide range 10
adventure 9
arcade 9
word processor 9
print ink 8
software reviews 8
arcade game 7
drtr 7
jupiter ace 7
light pen 7
tony bridge 7
assembly language 6
computing weeklv 6
pcw 6
personal computer 6
power supply 6
sir clive 6
software lending 6
tony kendle 6
david kelly 5
disc drives 5
ihc 5
ihe dragon 5
lei 5
lor ihe 5
magic card 5
micro bbc 5
software house 5
video games 5
adventure micro 4
credit card 4
digital integration 4
graham taylor 4
iha 4
ihe bbc 4
knight lore 4
midi interface 4
modem 4
openfonun 4
poke usr 4
print trb 4
public domain 4
screen display 4
soft aid 4
street london 4
user group 4
weekly 4
wilh 4
adventure helpline 3
amiga 3
arcade price 3
basic 3
chess 3
computer graphics 3
cpc price 3
disk drive 3
education special 3
epson 3
games designer 3
high quality 3
high score 3
high street 3
inch disc 3
ink 3
john minson 3
memory expansion 3
midi 3
music 3
music maker 3
music system 3
oric 3
price 3
prices include 3
print fit 3
program notes 3
protos system 3
random number 3
road london 3
single key 3
software library 3
special feature 3
spectrum supplier 3
street editor 3
stroud green 3
top ten 3
trade enquiries 3
vdu 3
virgin games 3
adventure game 2
amx mouse 2
aqi 2
arcade machine 2
art studio 2
atari vcs 2
band aid 2
basic program 2
basic programs 2
bbc basic 2
bulletin boards 2
business software 2
cade machine 2
cade micro 2
cassette 2
character set 2
classified 2
code program 2
computer games 2
computer repairs 2
cpc 2
cursor 2
dealer enquiries 2
diane davis 2
disc supplier 2
disk drives 2
dot matrix 2
dragon data 2
dun darach 2
duncan evans 2
fleet street 2
floating point 2
football manager 2
full details 2
full instructions 2
fully inclusive 2
gem 2
gold collection 2
graphic adventure 2
hardware 2
hardware required 2
high resolution 2
ibm 2
ihe amiga 2
ihe commodore 2
ihe screen 2
ihe sound 2
ihe user 2
ihen 2
including vat 2
inclusive price 2
english 240
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